Affiliate Management

Running a successful Affiliate Program requires more than a good network and software. The overall success is based on the combination of two things. First, the capability of a program manager to recruit, motivate and communicate with their affiliate marketing partners in order to achieve the objective of driving programs forward. Second, the efficient allocation of resources for creative and programming development. Affiliate marketing is not a stand alone system. It requires an integrated approach.

AboutSupport marketing management team has a proven track record in supporting, design and development, and affiliate marketing management. We offer the solution to provide companies with an instant cost effective marketing channel. Our system allows companies to select from a range of support options depending on the size of the program and its projected needs.

Scope of Service

AboutSupport provides all solutions for Affiliate Marketing Management and Development for our clients, which cover all aspects of affiliate management including:

  1. Pre-Launch;

  2. Launch Services;
  3. Core Management Service;
  4. Creative Development Service;
  5. Conversion Analysis.

Pre-Launch Services
Prior to launching a program, your site and products are presented to a team of professional affiliates to get their input and opinion on whether your product will be successful on the market, what needs to be changed, and what, if anything, they would like to see from you in terms of support tools and affiliate based features. 

AboutSupport performs the following services:

  • Conduct competitive analysis;
  • Network review;
  • Network competitor insights;
  • Key target partner review;
  • Initial recruiting and commission structure recommendations.

Launch Services

  • Initial recruiting and commission structure recommendations;
  • Affiliate communication strategy;
  • Development of Affiliate Support Site Design and Content;
  • Development of Support Forum Design;
  • Completion of "Pre-launch" checklist provided by Affiliate Network.

If deployed a support site can include, but is not limited to, the following core areas :

  • Welcome page;
  • What's new / in progress section;
  • Support forum links;
  • Points of contact;
  • Recommended product links;
  • FAQs;
  • Best sellers lists;
  • Partner bonus section;
  • Coupons updates;
  • Content usage and support, and
  • Links to other relevant in-house or AboutSupport tools.

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