Company Information

AboutSupport is a brand of the European based software company ASAP Ltd.

Since 2008, we have witnessed a continuous decline with the IT industry globally. Many IT companies have changed their business strategies in order to maintain their competitiveness. Others have been forced to withdraw from the market.

Despite this downturn, we are proud to announce that AboutSupport has shown solid growth in its operation and customer base. Our clients span the globe residing in over 12 countries. In order to prevail in the highly competitive market, we will continue to deliver the best value to our customers through the right combination of skills and technologies. We are totally dedicated to this and we believe this is the reason for our success.

At AboutSupport, we believe that the best value for our customers is to provide ultimate service quality together with highly reliable network performance at a very competitive price.

We invest heavily in human resources and are proud that our expertise in providing exceptional service to you, our customers, advances every single day. Sufficient staffing plus constant training programs have positioned our team to deliver the quality of service that our clients expect from us.

You may wonder how AboutSupport, with such non-compromising resources, can price competitively and still remain profitable. The key is to control operating costs. While we invest heavily in facilities and human resources, we can still maintain low cost because we enjoy economies of scale from our providers and we control our operating costs by optimizing our marketing expenses.The philosophy is simple: We re-invest in our customers - you deserve the best we can deliver!

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