On-site Support

AboutSupport provides on-site support for multi-vendor workplace devices like PCs, laptops, handhelds, servers and printers. It completes the full spectrum of user support offered by AboutSupport. We also handle installations and changes. We can also improve and extend vendor warranties for devices by offering committed service levels.

Coordinated, synchronized services

Effective remote support is the key to improving users’ satisfaction with their workplace tools. Managing most of the incidents can reduce the cost of site-level support. We deploy more expensive local resources only when the situation requires.

Hardware Support Services

Hardware support services provide diagnosis and repair of a wide variety of devices including desktop and laptop PCs, printers, servers and an array of more complex devices. You can select same-day or next-day repair options.

Software Support Services

Software support services provide on-site response to investigate and resolve incidents or troubles with operating systems and packaged software. Most software problems and how-to-use questions are resolved by the AboutSupport team.

Install, Move, Add, Change and De-install Services

These include desktop and laptop PCs, printers, servers and infrastructure devices. These services also include software installation and update. While most cases are handled remotely via automated processes, this service provides on-site response when needed to complete software modifications or resolve related problems.

Specialized Services

Support team must often respond to special situations that stretch workforce availability and can result in degraded services to other users.

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