Remote Assistance

Technical support

AboutSupport support team has the talent and knowledge to help users with all IT issues and requests. Their ongoing training, access to highly qualified knowledge and industry-leading tools let them resolve issues quickly and get users back to work.

Our skilled personel offer users expert assistance in using supported off-the-shelf software and common IT devices. We can also support custom applications using scripts and answers you provide. In addition, our team can remotely access the user's desktop to investigate or resolve incidents.

Service request processing

When users need to purchase, install, move, add, change or de-install hardware or software, they contact our team. As their single point of contact, we initiate the process on their behalf whether the request comes in through an automated process or agent assisted channel.

An agent may handle the request on the first contact. Or it may be routed through the approval process in order to reach the team responsible for performing the work. Service request processing makes it easy to respond to personnel changes. Moreover the user will instantly receive the approval and fulfillment of their request.

Multiple contact channels

Users can access support through many channels. Agents assist them on the phone, using chat, and even when incidents or questions are submitted through e-mail or via the web. Our expert assistance is always available. And clients can assist themselves through the many self-service options.

Self-service tools

Our support team provides a comprehensive set of user-accessible tools to help them get the answer they need as quickly as possible. While self-service is not appropriate for all incidents, it provides users the opportunity to answer many of their own questions without involving an agent.

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