Voice Integration

You might want to build an integration solution for your VoIP system to:

  • integrate your VoIP software with enterprise applications to streamline your business processes;
  • update your IP telephone system to support 3rd party communication tools.

IVR/Voice Portal Integration

Having Voice Portal integrated with your enterprise software, you can provide your customers or employees with a voice interface to the business information available for them. Here are some of the examples:  

  • your clients can listen to status/tracking/balance information obtained from your CRM system;
  • your employee can call to check in/out for time sheet database updates;
  • your prospects can learn about the nearest /store/branch location.

Integration with 3rd Party Communication Tools

You can also extend your unified communications solution with seamless integration with 3rd party communication software and services, such as:

  • VoIP networks;
  • Web-conferencing solutions;
  • Mobile networks.

IP Conferencing System

You can integrate your IP Conferencing system with directory services (LDAP / AD) to provide the conferencing software with the up to date list of employees, a groupware solution to schedule the conference which will then gather all participants automatically.

Voice Mail Integration

You can integrate your Voice Mail solution with existing communication systems - 3rd party PBX, fax-servers, legacy messaging software to save costs. Another challenge may be the integration of your unified mailbox with specific communication channels to receive SMS, pager messages etc.

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