On-Page Optimization

On-Page Optimization refers to all activities which are carried out on the entire set of pages on a website. It helps the present content  to be more relevant and neatly displayed, both for the Search Engines and for the visitors.
Here are some of the tasks we usually undertake to run the internet marketing campaign for promoting your website:

Page Title

One of the most important factors that could enhance the search engine rankings for your website is the Page title. It is absolutely vital to pay special attention to it and make sure it consists of key phrases and efficient combinations.

Internal Hyper Linking

It is another excellent way to keep visitors present at your website for a longer period of time and hence the chances that they will get in touch with you increase.


It is a technical tool, used in order to increase the prominence of certain important key phrases so that they are noticed by the search engine crawler.

Breadcrumbs (Navigation)

A technique that facilitates users' ability to navigate through your website and at the same time, keep a track of their current location and let them go to the previous page if they wish to do so.

XML Site Map

It is another tool of highlighting paths/links of all the pages on the website, so as to make it easier for the website visitors to access, browse and read through them.

Keyword Density

It essentially means that a particular web page must contain the key phrases it wishes to promote itself upon.

Image Optimization

Images not only help for the proper display of information but also grab and hold visitors' attention. Since they are very one very important aspect of the content present on your website, it is absolutely essential to optimize them.

Video optimization

We specialize in video optimization and use various techniques to make videos optimized with the key phrases you want.

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